Made in Great Britain for 60 years

On 2nd April 1957, AFC Roberts piloted the British made Short SC1 on its first flight. Using five Rolls Royce RB 108 jet engines, it was the first British fixed-wing VTOL which lead to the development of the Hawker Siddeley Harrier…

1957 also saw the launch of E. Braude (London) Ltd by Erich Braude, a London-based trader in steel stocks. In 1973 Dan Welsby, a successful stainless steel tube manufacturer purchased E. Braude (London) Ltd and under his guidance, Braude moved to its current site in Sandhurst, Berkshire. The company became a distributor of chemical pumps and Teflon heat exchangers to the steel and metal finishing industries.

The company moved into manufacture and the Nautilus Teflon Heat Exchanger was introduced; a product which could withstand the demands of highly corrosive liquids used in the steel and metal finishing industries, and for which Braude became well known. In the subsequent years, more products were designed and developed including the Polaris Electric Immersion Heater and the Jet Stream external tank heating system for corrosive liquids. This earned a reputation for Braude as being thermal process equipment specialists, in particular when it comes to the heating and cooling of highly corrosive liquids.

In 2009 David Snoxhill and Carlos Avila took over Braude with the objective of expanding the range of heaters, heat exchangers, controllers and pumps to be able to meet all the needs of their customers and continued its growth, especially across the overseas, Indian and the Far Eastern markets.

Following a successful 2016, the acquisition of Braude by Heatrod Elements Ltd, a member of the Backer Group, part of the Nibe Elements division of Nibe Industries AG, further enhanced the company’s product range and assured the future of E. Braude(London) Ltd.

To this day, Braude continues to design, develop, and manufacture its products in Sandhurst, Berkshire, UK, ensuring the highest standards of British Made Quality across its product range which is used worldwide by industries such as Steel strip manufacturers, Wire & Tube, Metal Finishers & Galvanising as well as the Aerospace Industry.