Nautilus – Inspired by nature…


The curious-looking chambered nautilus, or Nautilus Pompilius, is considered by many biologists to be a living fossil, perfectly adapted to salt water and remaining unchanged for over 400 million years. The shell of the nautilus is comprised of many individual chambers which, by injecting or removing fluid through a system of tubes, provides the creature with buoyancy.

In 1978, Braude introduced a product specifically designed for heating highly corrosive liquids used in harsh environments. Inspired by the curious creature, it was named the Nautilus Teflon Heat Exchanger. Using high integrity fluoropolymers, such as PTFE, which has excellent chemical resistance, the Nautilus established the reputation of Braude as specialist manufacturers of acid proof equipment which met the rigorous demands of the pickling, galvanising and metal finishing industry.

Nautilus 1
Braude Nautilus Heat Exchanger

Built from non-corrodable, fully tested high-performance fluoropolymer PTFE-based materials, the Braude Nautilus utilises steam, hot water or thermal fluid as a heating medium and chilled water for cooling applications.  Heat outputs are available from 20 to 400kW in a single unit.

These robust heat-exchange units have been in production virtually unchanged, for nearly 40 years and are used by many well known multinational companies across the steel, galvanising, aerospace and other typically heavy engineering sectors.

However, in order to survive in today’s economic climate, Braude recognises the need to think creatively and continually push to innovate; that’s why Braude has extended the range of our well-known and proven Nautilus Heat Exchanger to include our new Fluorochill Element. Thanks to our signature fluoropolymer elements, the new Nautilus Fluorochill Heat Exchanger offers many benefits such as…

  • 20% more cooling efficiency
  • 20% smaller allowing installation and operation in restricted spaces
  • Up to 30% saving because of the streamlined manufacturing process
  • Ideal for modern processes such as Tartaric Acid Anodising, therefore helping to reduce the environmental impact of the traditional chromic acid anodising process

…at the same time maintaining the excellent chemical resistance that is Braude’s trademark.

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Four wheels, a steering wheel and an engine… doesn’t make it a reliable vehicle!

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Without sensitive and carefully designed monitoring equipment even the most robust and well-built industrial machinery or processes can go catastrophically wrong…

Plating and process tanks need reliable control. The Braude Thermaster TS has been produced specifically for those applications.

Why use a Braude Thermaster TS temperature sender?

The Thermaster TS temperature sender uses tried and tested technology from Braude and is designed to provide a 4-20mA output signal to a programmable logic controller (PLC) or similar device for monitoring temperature in a process tank. Incorporating a chemically resistant PT100 sensor encased in Teflon, with a choice of a PP/PVC/PVDF guide tube makes it a completely self-contained unit that can be easily connected to your existing control system.

Themaster TS
Thermaster TS temperature sender

The Thermaster TS is perfect for sending data to a PLC which can be set programmed to monitor and control the temperature of the process tank. It can easily be linked to a multiple tank system and monitored from one central, often remote, location.

The 4-20 mA current output signal is relatively immune to ambient electrical noise and is not degraded by long distance transmission, even over a small diameter wire. Adding a temperature transmitter to a system eliminates the problem of having to provide long runs of costly wire and an extensive amount of shielding.

Can you afford NOT to use Braude Thermaster TS temperature senders in your tanks ..?

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Would you risk your car engine overheating..?

Overheated car

The Braude Thermaster OTP is a device intended to protect plant and equipment from catastrophic damage by switching Polaris heaters off should the liquid level in the tank drop too low or in the absence of liquid.

Whilst the Polaris heaters are intrinsically safe and will normally only suffer damage to themselves, the OTP (Over Temperature Protection) device serves as a further safety check within the system.  A sensor is fitted to the top of the heater connected to the OTP controller which is preset for a temperature just above the that of the liquid. In most cases, the sensor will prevent damage to the heater and in all cases will prevent more extensive damage to the plant.

6859 heater OTP controller_Sml-512px
Braude OTP fitted to Polaris Popular Electric Immersion Heater


We find our customers fit the OTP to the heaters in their lines for the following reasons…

  • provides security of operation
  • ensures the longevity of the heaters
  • meets safety requirements from insurance companies
  • cuts costs by minimising downtime for repairs and replacement of damaged heaters

Other Braude products designed for protection and ease of operation of heaters are the HPD (Hazard Protection Device) and Levelmaster both of which are designed to switch off heaters in the event of low-level liquid in the tank.


…can you afford NOT to use Braude Polaris heaters ..?

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