How’s about putting a frog in your tank..?


In the same way as frogspawn settles into a floating layer on the surface of a pond, Braude’s Frogspawn range of thermal insulation spheres form a floating blanket on the top of open process tanks to provide a continuous insulating layer.


Workloads like jigs and components can easily pass through the layer.  The system is used extensively by electroplaters, anodisers, steel processors and chemical manufacturers.

The main benefits include…

  • To reduce surface heat loss, thereby saving energy costs; savings in heat loss can be up to 75% can be achieved with a single layer
  • Temperature & process control of the bath will also be more stable
  • Reduces or virtually eliminates vapour loss from the surface of the liquid, reducing costs due to liquid loss
  • Reduction in fumes, minimising corrosive effects on structure of plant and buildings, hereby reducing maintenance and replacement costs
  • Reduction in splashing from the liquid surface and general improvement creates a more pleasant environment in which to work
  • Available in sizes 10mm to 150mm
  • Available in materials such as Polypropylene (PP),  high density polypropylene (HDPE) or polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF), and black UV stabilised for external applications

Can you afford not to have “frogs” in your tank..?

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Just as Popular today as when it was invented…

Polaris Popular Low Profile Immersion Heater

In the late 1990s, in response to industry demand for a more cost effective solution to their already popular Impervio Polaris Metal Immersion Heater, Braude introduced the Polaris Popular Electric Immersion Heater. It was produced principally for the electroplating and metal processing industries and with highly competitive overseas markets in mind.

Living up to its name, the Polaris Popular soon became a bestselling product for Braude and has remained so to this day.

Designed for use where aggressive chemicals need to be heated to temperatures up to 100°C, the Popular is manufactured from high integrity polymers to give high performance and have optimum chemical resistance against corrosion caused by chemicals such as nitric, hydrochloric, sulphuric and hydrofluoric acids, but are inert enough to be used where non-contamination is a requirement.

  • high or low profile to suit the configuration of your tank
  • two types of mounting available: hanging brackets (vertical mounting) or standoffs (placing horizontally on the floor of the tank)
  • electrical connection is by a continuous flexible lead which is supplied 1.5m long as standard with lengths up to 12m available to order
  • profiles available in: high or low, cylindrical (up to 4kW), round or square
  • power ratings from 0.5kW to 18kW
  • single phase or three phase power supplies
  • accessories available for use with the heater include the Hazard Protection Device (HPD) and the Thermaster Thermostatic controller.

Braude have become known as specialist manufacturers of heating & cooling systems for highly corrosive liquids including strong acids and other surface treatment processes typically used by the Electroplating, Metal Finishing and Process Industries. And like all of the Braude Polaris Range, is made to order in the UK, guaranteeing the highest possible quality and ensuring customers receive the exact specifications they require to fulfil their needs.

Braude quality and safety standards are well established and built into the Polaris range.  The Polaris Popular is covered by the Braude Replacement Service complete with a 12 month Braude warranty.60years_72

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Introducing our Levelmaster Liquid Level Controller…

Hi-Low level indicator device

Ok… our Levelmaster Liquid Level Controller is a little bit more sophisticated than this, but it relies on a similar principle…

The Braude Levelmaster Liquid Level Controller has been specifically designed for use, not just in water but also for use in corrosive chemical applications found in harsh industrial environments. 


Thermaster Controller & Probe set
Braude Levelmaster Liquid Level Controller and Probe

Designed for surface mounting near the process liquid, providing a clear indication of the tank liquid level, the Levelmaster is typically used in chemical process areas which could have a fume and moisture laden atmosphere. The sturdy housing has a clear cover, sealed to IP65, and complies with the current regulations for electrical equipment. Alternatively, it can be used externally – for example in a storage tank farm.


All Braude Master range of controllers are fitted with flying leads for ease of connection to the power supply and are supplied complete with probes, which also have a flying lead and simple plug in connection to the controller. The probes are designed to be mounted within the process or storage tank and their polymer construction enables use in a wide range of aggressive or aqueous liquids. Probes are supplied 0.5 metres long as standard but lengths up to 8 metres can be manufactured to suit larger tanks.

  • Probe has no moving parts
  • High sensitivity version available for deionised water or soft water areas
  • High level only, low level only or dual operation
  • Low voltage AC detection circuit
  • Suitable for most aqueous or conductive solutions
  • Easy setting of control height
  • Suitable for any vessel: steel, polymer, fibreglass, etc.
  • HPD version available for use with Polaris heaters

The Levelmaster controller is available for either 240v or 110v power supplies and can be provided with live or volt free relays. The Braude Master range is fully compatible with the Polaris electric immersion heaters and self-priming chemical transfer pumps, also manufactured by Braude.60years_72

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