A sticky situation…!

Shark tunnel

It is well-known that Braude is a leading specialist manufacturer of acid proof equipment for heating and cooling of corrosive liquids. Our range of products is used in various industries where aggressive liquids are found ranging from galvanising, aerospace, metal finishing and electropolishing, to name but a few… what is not so well-known is that our heaters are often used for more serene and gentle applications in commercial marine environments, such as Sea Life Centres.

Polaris Modular heater –       stacked arrangement

Available in single or three phase, with outputs as low as 0.5kW, our range of Polaris Modular heaters are gentle and safe enough to be used in breeding and habitat tanks found in fish aquaria and farms.

In one particular sea life centre, female shark inhabitants liked the gentle warmth provided by our Polaris Modular heaters so much, they chose to lay their eggs inside the coils of the heaters!

Aside from keeping broody Chondrichthyes and their hatchlings happy, Braude heaters are also used in applications where it is vital that the inert properties of the products do not cause any contamination of the solutions, such as in food processing, medical and pharmaceutical industries.


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