It’s time to protect your tank! 


It may be good news for snowmen and schoolchildren, but as another Arctic blast washes across Britain, it is absolutely vital to protect buildings, equipment, and grounds against freeze damage. 

If your storage tank or any pipework associated with your tank is susceptible to frost then following these tips will ensure your business is not affected by the harsh winter elements.

Whether you have a tank with Caustic Solution or Demineralised water, to ensure your process tank runs efficiently, it is important to maintain the temperature as the ambient temperature drops; with some solutions, a drop in temperature to as little as 10°C could mean your tank is at risk from frost.

Here are some tips to ensure that your business will not be affected by the winter months.

Immersion Heaters
Check all immersion heaters are operating. Do you have sufficient kW in each tank?

Polaris Popular range of Electric Immersion Heaters

Check all leads for damage. If in doubt, Braude heaters may be returned for inspection and possible refurbishment.

2971 gridiron
Polaris Neptune immersion heater

Braude supply a comprehensive range of electric immersion heaters in various shapes, sizes, and outputs from 0.5kW to 18kW designed to suit virtually every application. 

Temperature Control
Check all temperature controllers are operating and in use. Verify temperature settings and test equipment accordingly.  Braude’s range of temperature and liquid level controllers will ensure that your tank remains at a suitable setting at all times. A properly operating controller ensures you do not have to worry about the tank temperature.

Braude Controllers
Master range of Controllers & Probes

Thermal & Vapour control
Identify areas where personal safety is at risk due to icy conditions caused by excess moisture escaping from the surface of your tanks. Insulate and minimise liquid loss from the surface of your tanks with Frogspawn thermal insulation spheres.

Frogspawn thermal insulation spheres

Surface Heating
Inspect conditions of all surface heaters such as heating tapes, heating cable, drum heaters, tank heaters, and pipe heaters.  Braude supply the Eltherm range of trace heating cables and equipment to complement our range of immersion heaters. These products complement the Braude range of heaters and extend from the metal-based industries to Chemical, Petrochemical, Food Processing, and Construction amongst others.  Products include self-regulating heating cable, high – temperature heating cable, control systems, thermal jackets. Look for damaged insulation on all externally exposed cables. Pay special attention to valves. This is a major choke point and susceptible to damage.


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SurfaceTechnology GERMANY 2018 International Trade Fair for Surface Treatments & Coatings has become the leading platform for the complete processing chain in surface treatment and finishing.

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In conjunction with Backer ELC of Switzerland, Braude will be showcasing their latest products designed for use in the metal finishing industry.
A team of experts will be on hand to offer advice and information on the complete Backer ELC and Braude range of products – if you have a project in mind, we can even give you an on the spot quote!

Date:  –  Venue: Messe Stuttgart, GERMANY
Stand: Hall 1, Stand K34

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