We’ve got it all under control.

Buying a heater is only part of the story; to maximise efficiency, energy consumption and equipment longevity, you will need a power supply and control system.

Accurate temperature control is essential for modern complex manufacturing plants and production processes. Besides the high demands of the industry, there is a need for simple and vigorous products for the construction and building business sector.

Braude identified this important core process and permanently invests in research and development of new components. Economic and efficient measurement and control technology saves energy, increases safety and the life cycle of our electrical heaters and systems through measurement, control, monitoring, and sensors.

We manufacture control panels specifically to suit your needs and compliant with all regulations.  They can be used with all Braude controllers.

Control panels
Keeping your ducks in a row – a consignment of Braude control panels is ready for action.

Built to suit your installation Braude engineers will discuss your control requirements and design a solution for your process.

  • Normally IP65 rated minimum
  • Suitable for wall mounting but can also be provided with frames for freestanding
  • Panels can link to the Braude range of controllers or can be supplied with their own panel mounted display units
  • Robust, safe and manufactured from high-quality materials

For heating, all control panels should contain

  • MCB – Miniature Circuit Breakers for overcurrent protection
  • RCD – Residual Current Devices for Earth Leakage protection (essential)
  • Contactors – Automatic Power Switching to the heater
  • Power Isolation – Switches to isolate the heaters

We have a full range of controllers to suit all applications and budgets, from simple frost protection of storage tanks to sophisticated control systems and panels.

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