Are you in a tight pickle with your tanks?


CASE STUDY – Stainless Steel Rod Manufacturer, Sheffield

When a new pickling line was built, the design team at a leading manufacturer of stainless steel rod based in Sheffield, were faced with the problem of how to heat tanks of noxious, aggressive, corrosive liquids containing high quantities of scale and sludge, which are the by-products of the pickle process. The pickling solution was a Hydroflouric and Sulphuric acid mixture operating at 60°C, which would quickly attack conventional serpentines and plate heaters. There was the added danger of damage to any heater placed in the tank from the heavy coils of rod processed in each batch.

As specialist manufacturers of heating equipment for acids, BRAUDE were able to offer our JET STREAM External Heating System linked to a low pressure hot water supply as a solution to their requirement.

The JET STREAM installation system was so successful that there was no question which system the designers should use for the second pickle line – since then the company has continued to be a loyal customer for all of its ongoing installations.

Jetstream2 trans
Braude JET STREAM External Heat Exchange System


The main advantages of the JET STREAM system are:-

  • Fitted with BRAUDE NAUTILUS heating and cooling coils, the JET STREAM external tank heater is designed to stand next to the process tank leaving more space in your tank, which means there is no “clutter” in the tank allowing complete free and optimum use of the tank for processing.
  • The element is external to the process tank and therefore protected from damage by the heavy and awkward workloads frequently found in the steel processing industries.
  • Freestanding unit allows easy access for maintenance without having to drain or dump large process tanks of expensive chemicals giving tremendous saving on chemicals and downtime.
  • Construction is of high integrity polymers so that it does not corrode, even with the most aggressive chemical solutions.
  • Recirculation of liquid through the JET STREAM helps to ensure efficient heat transfer and assists in smoothing temperature distribution through the heated tank.
  • The heat output from a single JET STREAM is ideal for high volume batch pickling and other similar continuous production processes.

BRAUDE, who have many years of experience solving the problems associated with highly corrosive solutions, also manufacture the Polaris range of non-corrodable electric immersion heaters, Thermaster and Levelmaster controllers, and Nautilus and Electrojet heat exchangers for larger applications.

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