POPULAR FLEX added to catalogue

BRAUDE have introduced an additional option for the Popular range of heaters.  This consists of a 2 part lead, the first immersed section is still manufactured as an integral part of the heater using Braude special fluoropolymer cable.  The second non immersed part consists of standard electrical cable joined to the heater lead with a secure waterproof joint.  This construction maintains the corrosion proof properties of the heater whilst allowing for easier termination for the electrician saving both time and money.

The advantages of this joint are as follows:

  • Cost saving on long leads
  • Easy electrical connection
  • Maintain the chemical resistant properties of the standard heater.

The chemical lead should be long enough to reach above the surface of the liquid.  The splice must not be immersed.  The high liquid level is clearly marked on the lead with a red ring.

The splice is rated to IP64 (splash proof) however, it has been fully tested in our own laboratory under full immersion at elevated temperature with no adverse effect for a sustained length of time.

All other options such as the OTP Over temperature protection and HPD Hazard Protection device can be used with the Popular Flex option.

Contact our sales department now at sales@braude.co.uk if you would like more information or a quotation.   We will need to know the length of the immersed section of lead and the total length required.

All other options of Polaris are still available.