BRAUDE Master Controllers and Panels

BRAUDE, specialists in heating and cooling equipment for corrrosive liquids, has been working hard all through the current lockdowns, but after the trauma and difficulties of the last few months it is time to reconnect and over the next few weeks give you a reminder of our excellent products.

BRAUDE has established the Master range of controllers which have been proven over many years in the arduous applications found in the metal finishing, and processing industries. All controllers are manufactured with surface mount IP65 enclosures and non corrodible sensors with clear displays for easy reading at the point of use.  All are supplied with flying leads for mains connection and output.

THERMASTER is a simple and reliable thermostatic controller supplied complete with a Teflon covered PT100 sensor in a simple rigid guide tube to provide protection in the tank.


THERMASTER TS is a simple probe and sender assembly to provide a 4-20mA output for remote reading and control.  It can be used instead of the standard THERMASTER or alongside it to complement the standard operation.

LEVELMASTER is a dual level controller also supplied with a special sensor using Braude’s clever Carbosense conductors to provide a signal without suffering attack from corrosive solutions.

The HPD combines the benefits of the Levelmaster fitted integrally to a Polaris Popular or Modular heater for low level protection. Alternatively the Thermaster OTP provides single set point protection for safety ot the OTF is a simple thermmal fuse.

TANKMASTER  combines the benefits of both controllers with many additional features to provide high and low level alarms for both temperature and level.

The MASTER sensors are available as standard in 0.5m lengths with 2m leads with extended versions up to 12m long with additional lead lengths to suit your particular installation.

If you need something with more features the Braude specialists will design a control panel incorporating any of the above controllers to your specific requirements. Just contact our sales office and let us know what you need.

Don’t forget Braude is now a trading division within Heatrod Elements Ltd and some of our products are now available though the Heatrod shop.

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Introducing our Levelmaster Liquid Level Controller…

Hi-Low level indicator device

Ok… our Levelmaster Liquid Level Controller is a little bit more sophisticated than this, but it relies on a similar principle…

The Braude Levelmaster Liquid Level Controller has been specifically designed for use, not just in water but also for use in corrosive chemical applications found in harsh industrial environments. 


Thermaster Controller & Probe set
Braude Levelmaster Liquid Level Controller and Probe

Designed for surface mounting near the process liquid, providing a clear indication of the tank liquid level, the Levelmaster is typically used in chemical process areas which could have a fume and moisture laden atmosphere. The sturdy housing has a clear cover, sealed to IP65, and complies with the current regulations for electrical equipment. Alternatively, it can be used externally – for example in a storage tank farm.


All Braude Master range of controllers are fitted with flying leads for ease of connection to the power supply and are supplied complete with probes, which also have a flying lead and simple plug in connection to the controller. The probes are designed to be mounted within the process or storage tank and their polymer construction enables use in a wide range of aggressive or aqueous liquids. Probes are supplied 0.5 metres long as standard but lengths up to 8 metres can be manufactured to suit larger tanks.

  • Probe has no moving parts
  • High sensitivity version available for deionised water or soft water areas
  • High level only, low level only or dual operation
  • Low voltage AC detection circuit
  • Suitable for most aqueous or conductive solutions
  • Easy setting of control height
  • Suitable for any vessel: steel, polymer, fibreglass, etc.
  • HPD version available for use with Polaris heaters

The Levelmaster controller is available for either 240v or 110v power supplies and can be provided with live or volt free relays. The Braude Master range is fully compatible with the Polaris electric immersion heaters and self-priming chemical transfer pumps, also manufactured by Braude.60years_72

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Four wheels, a steering wheel and an engine… doesn’t make it a reliable vehicle!

photo: instagram @supraluminal.kev used with permission ©

Without sensitive and carefully designed monitoring equipment even the most robust and well-built industrial machinery or processes can go catastrophically wrong…

Plating and process tanks need reliable control. The Braude Thermaster TS has been produced specifically for those applications.

Why use a Braude Thermaster TS temperature sender?

The Thermaster TS temperature sender uses tried and tested technology from Braude and is designed to provide a 4-20mA output signal to a programmable logic controller (PLC) or similar device for monitoring temperature in a process tank. Incorporating a chemically resistant PT100 sensor encased in Teflon, with a choice of a PP/PVC/PVDF guide tube makes it a completely self-contained unit that can be easily connected to your existing control system.

Themaster TS
Thermaster TS temperature sender

The Thermaster TS is perfect for sending data to a PLC which can be set programmed to monitor and control the temperature of the process tank. It can easily be linked to a multiple tank system and monitored from one central, often remote, location.

The 4-20 mA current output signal is relatively immune to ambient electrical noise and is not degraded by long distance transmission, even over a small diameter wire. Adding a temperature transmitter to a system eliminates the problem of having to provide long runs of costly wire and an extensive amount of shielding.

Can you afford NOT to use Braude Thermaster TS temperature senders in your tanks ..?

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60 years sticker-1

Made in Great Britain – used all over the world!

Based in our UK factory in Sandhurst, Berkshire for 60 years Braude has built a brand that stands for quality and reliability, and are well known as specialists in the supply of heating and cooling equipment for highly corrosive liquids.

WOW! It’s been a bumper month here at Braude; in just three days we received the equivalent of nearly a month’s worth of orders!

Despite the post-Brexit uncertainty, we continue to attract large orders from prestigious clients, from the UK and overseas. Clients who have come to us because they’re confident they can get the quality and reliability they demand.

Using high grade materials, Braude products are designed and made by us in the UK. Every product, from our Polaris Popular immersion heaters, Nautilus, Jet Stream and Electrojet heat exchangers to our Tankmaster Temperature & Liquid Level Controllers, undergo thorough testing before leaving our Sandhurst factory.

This has earned us a reputation for designing and producing top quality products which are flexible, durable and resilient and provide the end user with years of maintenance free operation.

Big enough to cope – small enough to care…

Braude has the manufacturing capacity to easily fulfill large orders of 100 units or more and have the quality control mechanisms coupled with our dedicated and conscientious team to ensure every product is manufactured and tested to the highest standards of UK manufacturing. Design, specification and performance of every Braude heat-exchanger, immersion heater, control or monitoring unit and pump is under constant review: New technology, manufacturing or materials are enthusiastically embraced where we can improve on an already superior product.

Whether you are a sole trader working in a small plating shop or a multi-national specialist plant-building company, as all of our products come in a very wide variety of standard sizes, shapes and power outputs, we have a product to suit every situation. However, a high percentage of our orders are for custom designed and built units.

Our products are widely used in industries such as Galvanising, Aerospace, Metal finishing as well as in the Chemical Industry and our in-house experts are able to offer help and advice that ensures new installations or modifications remain cost effective and on-budget.

As always, customer service is paramount and we aim to provide the best possible attention to each and every one of our customers.

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It’s time to protect your tank!

It is estimated to be the coldest winter in 50 years so it has never been more vital to be anticipating freezing conditions by protecting buildings, equipment, and grounds against freeze damage.  If your Storage tank or any pipework associated with your tank is susceptible to frost then following these tips will ensure your business is not affected by the harsh winter elements.

Whether you have a tank with Caustic Solution or Demineralised water, it is essential that when the ambient temperature drops your process tank runs efficiently. With some solutions your tank could be at risk from frost if there is a drop in temperature to as little as 10°C, at times even the most obvious answers can be over looked, here are some tips to ensure that your business will not be affected by the winter months.

Frost protection

Immersion Heaters

  • Check all Immersion Heaters are operating.
  • Do you have sufficient kW in each tank?
  • Check all leads for damage.
  • If in doubt, Braude heaters may be returned for inspection and possible refurbishment .

Temperature Control

  • Check all temperature controllers are operating and in use.
  • Verify temperature settings and test equipment accordingly.  Braude’s range of temperature and liquid level controllers will ensure that your tank remains at a suitable setting at all times.
  • A properly operating controller ensures you do not have to worry about the tank temperature.

Surface Heating

  • Inspect conditions of all surface heaters such as heating tapes, heating cable, drum heaters, tank heaters, and pipe heaters.  Braude supply the Eltherm range of trace heating cables and equipment to complement our range of immersion heaters. These products complement the Braude range of heaters and extend from the metal-based industries to Chemical, Petrochemical, Food Processing and Construction amongst others.  Products include self-regulating heating cable, high – temperature heating cable, control systems, thermal jackets.
  • Look for damaged insulation on all external exposed cables.
  • Pay special attention to valves. This is a major choke point and susceptible to damage.
  • Identify areas where personal safety is at risk due to icy conditions.
  • Develop a slip prevention maintenance plan.

Please contact a member of our sales/technical team on 01252 876123 and we will be more than happy to run through your options to ensure your business is not effected by the winter months.