BRAUDE Master Controllers and Panels

BRAUDE, specialists in heating and cooling equipment for corrrosive liquids, has been working hard all through the current lockdowns, but after the trauma and difficulties of the last few months it is time to reconnect and over the next few weeks give you a reminder of our excellent products.

BRAUDE has established the Master range of controllers which have been proven over many years in the arduous applications found in the metal finishing, and processing industries. All controllers are manufactured with surface mount IP65 enclosures and non corrodible sensors with clear displays for easy reading at the point of use.  All are supplied with flying leads for mains connection and output.

THERMASTER is a simple and reliable thermostatic controller supplied complete with a Teflon covered PT100 sensor in a simple rigid guide tube to provide protection in the tank.


THERMASTER TS is a simple probe and sender assembly to provide a 4-20mA output for remote reading and control.  It can be used instead of the standard THERMASTER or alongside it to complement the standard operation.

LEVELMASTER is a dual level controller also supplied with a special sensor using Braude’s clever Carbosense conductors to provide a signal without suffering attack from corrosive solutions.

The HPD combines the benefits of the Levelmaster fitted integrally to a Polaris Popular or Modular heater for low level protection. Alternatively the Thermaster OTP provides single set point protection for safety ot the OTF is a simple thermmal fuse.

TANKMASTER  combines the benefits of both controllers with many additional features to provide high and low level alarms for both temperature and level.

The MASTER sensors are available as standard in 0.5m lengths with 2m leads with extended versions up to 12m long with additional lead lengths to suit your particular installation.

If you need something with more features the Braude specialists will design a control panel incorporating any of the above controllers to your specific requirements. Just contact our sales office and let us know what you need.

Don’t forget Braude is now a trading division within Heatrod Elements Ltd and some of our products are now available though the Heatrod shop.

Braude sales office +44 (0)1252 876123 or

Braude and Covid 19 – Still open and working

It’s clearly a difficult time for all businesses both in the UK and in many parts of the world at the moment.

We have taken lots of precautionary measures to try to make sure we can keep all our staff safe while still providing a level of service that allows our customers to continue with their operations. And we want to reassure our customers and suppliers that we are doing everything in our power to keep our production facility running.

BRAUDE sales office and administrative staff are all working from home but all our phone numbers and emails are still working so there should be no problem getting in touch with us.

At our Heatrod production facility work is continuing as normal although there may be longer delivery time than we would normally like.

We have introduced new, strict ways of working that allows our staff to stay a distance apart and we even have new break times to avoid each other as much as we can 🙂

90%+ of our office staff are currently working from home which as we all know in modern times is relatively easy to achieve and allows us to stay effective.

Whilst we have sent certain production staff home in order to protect them and their families we still retain a core of staff on the shop floor who are keeping everything moving and allowing us to despatch orders daily.

We have key customers who are classed as essential suppliers during this time so we know how important it is to keep the wheels of industry turning!!

We are also joining in with the national effort in providing products that will help during the pandemic including heating for hand washing stations and an initiative to provide steam boilers for home pre-ventilator kits.

We wish you all well in these challenging times and will continue to do what we can to help our customers to succeed.

BRAUDE have moved!!


In 2016 E. Braude (London) Ltd became a member of the Nibe group.  In order to complete the transfer of the business E. Braude (London) Ltd will be merged into its parent company Heatrod Elements Ltd.

Heatrod are committed to the Braude brand and with effect from 1st January 2020 we will be trading as BRAUDE a trading division of Heatrod Elements Ltd.  The important thing for you our customer is that all your contacts, the email addresses and phone numbers will remain the same, so you will be dealing with the same team you have always done.

In addition an exciting development is that the manufacturing of BRAUDE products will now take place in the new, modern Heatrod factory in Bolton, where care has been taken to provide an excellent environment for BRAUDE production with the same attention to quality and detail that you have always experienced from BRAUDE.

Any customer that need to take advantage of our return and replacement service will return items to Bolton rather than Sandhurst as before.

The new addresses will be:

Sales, orders and invoicing:

BRAUDE a trading division of Heatrod Elements Ltd

Unit 5, Wellington Business Park,

Dukes Ride,


RG45 6LS

Tel 01252 876123

Manufacturing, returns and purchasing:


Unit 10, Top Deck

Smethurst Lane

Bolton, BL4 0AN

Tel: 0161 727 3713

We will advise any information such as change of bank account nearer the time.  In the meantine if you have any queries, concerns or worries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


POPULAR FLEX added to catalogue

BRAUDE have introduced an additional option for the Popular range of heaters.  This consists of a 2 part lead, the first immersed section is still manufactured as an integral part of the heater using Braude special fluoropolymer cable.  The second non immersed part consists of standard electrical cable joined to the heater lead with a secure waterproof joint.  This construction maintains the corrosion proof properties of the heater whilst allowing for easier termination for the electrician saving both time and money.

The advantages of this joint are as follows:

  • Cost saving on long leads
  • Easy electrical connection
  • Maintain the chemical resistant properties of the standard heater.

The chemical lead should be long enough to reach above the surface of the liquid.  The splice must not be immersed.  The high liquid level is clearly marked on the lead with a red ring.

The splice is rated to IP64 (splash proof) however, it has been fully tested in our own laboratory under full immersion at elevated temperature with no adverse effect for a sustained length of time.

All other options such as the OTP Over temperature protection and HPD Hazard Protection device can be used with the Popular Flex option.

Contact our sales department now at if you would like more information or a quotation.   We will need to know the length of the immersed section of lead and the total length required.

All other options of Polaris are still available.





Braude Products now available on line

Some Braude heaters are now available on the Heatrod Shop.  We hope our customers will find this an easy way to buy.

Access the Heatrod Shop here: Heatrod Shop

Initially a limited range will be available but we will be adding to this regularly.

However, if you need any help or assistance please feel free to phone or email us and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff.







BRAUDE confirm ISF exhibition 2020

Braude are happy to confirm we will support our distributor Naveen Industries at the ISF 2020 exhibition in February next year, which will be held at NESCO, Mumbai.

David Snoxhill, General Manager (shown above at ISF 2017) said ‘India is a very important market for us where we have a number of high level clients with whom we have worked for a number of years.

It is always a pleasure to participate in the ISF exhibition which is usually a vibrant affair redolent of the success of the Metal Finishing industry in India.

Naveen, based in Fariadabad,  are a key partner in the next stages of our development of the Indian market particularly in North India.

Naveen will show all Braude’s range of products including the Polaris range of non corrodable electric heaters and the Nautilus range of heat exchangers for larger scale applications.

For more information contact Braude direct or Naveen Industries,  FARIDABAD – 121001 by email: or phone: 0129 4024280/2423980


Ten Reasons to choose Braude

1. Over than 60 years’ experience of heating applications in the metal finishing, steel and chemical industries.
Polaris Popular Electric Immersion Heater

Braude was founded in 1957 in London. We have been manufacturing heat exchangers and heaters since 1974 and as a result, have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience particularly for our speciality which is heating corrosive liquids.

2. Braude is now part of a global network of companies.
General Manager of Braude, David Snoxhill (left) with Simon Ellam, Director of Heatrod Elements

The recent acquisition of Braude by Heatrod Elements Ltd, a member of the Backer Group, part of the Nibe Elements division of Nibe Industries AG, assured the future Braude. Design, development and manufacture of the Braude range of products still continues to this day in Sandhurst, Berkshire, UK.


Our current General Manager, David Snoxhill has been with the company since 1985. He is fully committed to following the traditions set out by his predecessors for high quality products and excellent customer service. As far as he is concerned the principle focus is the customer and our relationship is a partnership because without customers we do not have a company.

3. Products are up to date and continually improving.

It is our policy to improve and update our products wherever possible using the latest available technology. We monitor quality and fitness for purpose of all our products. We are also continually talking to our customers so that any specific modifications for their application can be tailored to their needs.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is braude-controllers.jpg

BRAUDE Master range of Controllers and Probes

We are particularly aware of the importance of safety in our products and  have introduced a number of controller variations to provide additional protection such as over temperature protection for heaters.

4. Excellent service and order turn around.
Braude Chemical Transfer Self Priming Pump

We hold stock of both finished goods and parts so that we can either despatch the same day as an order or if it is a special item we can usually manufacture in a very short space of time. Our objective is to always satisfy our customers’ requirements. Our sales and technical staff are always available to provide advice and assistance.


5. Our full range of products, which range from heaters, controllers and control panels, are available from one source

We are continually adding to the product range as we believe that is it easier for many customers to be able to order from one place. The most recent product to be added was is the Polaris Neptune range of Tubular MI heaters. These have a moisture proof head to encapsulate the joint between the heater and the lead which is vital in any wet environment. We can supply controllers and ancillaries to enable trouble free safe operation of all heating equipment. We also supply surface heating cables and jackets.

POLARIS Neptune electric immersion heater 

6. Braude engineers will calculate your specific heating requirements.
braude location-061461
Braude Electrojet Heat External Exchanger


The first thing to do when selecting a heater is to estimate the kW size required. We will calculate this for you once we have all the tank details; this can be done via a form on our website. We understand your process and so are able to help guide you through the heater selection procedure.

7. Braude is fully committed to an ISO9001 quality management system
Jetstream2 trans
Braude Jet Stream External Heat Exchanger with Pumps

Braude has always maintained a commitment to produce
products and service of the highest quality, with fully
documented procedures and product records. All equipment
is tested and inspected before leaving our workshops.

We first certified to ISO 9000 in 1997 and have always kept fully up to date. All our production is currently certified to 9001:2015 under SGS.

Heatrod Elements Ltd operate an environmental management system certified to the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 which provides a
framework for setting objectives and improving our environmental performance.

8. Braude manufacture all of our heaters in the UK.
Polaris Modular Electric Immersion Heater 

All our heaters are manufactured at our new
purpose-built production facility in Bolton.
Braude staff are all specially trained to our strict
guidelines and professional standards supported by
our commitment to quality as evidenced with our
certification to ISO 9001. We are steeped in our
British industrial heritage.

9. We have a long list of customers from blue chip companies: Rolls Royce, BAE Systems Amphenol, YKK, and more.
Nautilus 1
Braude Nautilus Heat Exchanger for heating & cooling


Braude have always had a long list of customers which makes for a healthy business.  Our customers are a good mix of types and sizes from the blue chip firms mentioned here to the one man business that is just getting going. We are able to provide the same level of excellent service to them all whether in the UK or further afield such as Europe, India and the Far East.


10. We are committed to future growth.

60 years sticker-1Braude is a small profitable company but we know that if we do not invest in the company we will not grow and will not be able to continue to provide the current level of service to our customers.

Therefore all our developments are geared to enable us to provide better and more efficient products and service which in turn will lead to expansion. Our clients can be certain that we are here for the long term and will be able to continue to support our products once they are in use.

To find out more…
Call our sales team on +44 (0) 1252 876123
Send an email

Alternatively, follow Braude on LinkedIn for further updates and information about our full product range


Robust and reliable

Neptune 3phase.jpg
Polaris Neptune Triple Phase Heater

In 1957, E. Braude (London) Ltd started out as a metal trading company then, moving into thermal process heating equipment manufacture in the 1970s, we built a reputation as a manufacturer of acid proof equipment which was reliable and durable. By specialising in heating and cooling equipment for corrosive liquids, Braude quickly became renowned by many customers in the electroplating and metal industries both in the UK and overseas.

One of the more recent developments in our product range is the introduction of the Polaris Neptune range of metal heaters which is designed for processes that do not require the application of fluoropolymer technology.

Neptune single phase
Polaris Neptune Single Phase Heater

The Polaris Neptune heaters are available in a variety of materials and the principle features are:
•           A robust construction
•           A choice of either Stainless Steel or Titanium with other materials available to order
•           Various Sizes from 1kW to 12kW
•           Option of either single or three phase
•           Resin heater connection sealed to IP65
•           Flying lead for easy connection
•           Over the side mounting with bracket provided
•           Choice of configurations to suit process tank and available space
•           Compatible with Thermaster and Levelmaster controllers
•           Quality and reliability of a trusted brand

As our products are already widely used in industries such as Galvanising, Aerospace, Metal finishing as well as in the Chemical Industry, we are now able to offer a more cost-effective product to a wider range of customers.

Our technical department will design and shape your customised element depending on the physical space available and the fluid that is to be heated. If our standard heaters do not suit your application, special voltage, power output, dimensions, and shapes can be manufactured in a short time on request.

A testimonial from a happy customer:

“We recently fitted two Braude Polaris Neptune Heaters to treatment tanks to control the temperature of alkaline solutions. The heaters are compact and were easily and quickly fitted to the tanks at the required height. The heaters have consistently maintained the required temperature of 50º – 65ºC through continuous operation. No adjustments or maintenance has been required since initial installation. The Polaris Neptune Heaters have proved to be an efficient and cost-effective means of controlling solution temperature.” — P. Smithers, Electroplating & Finishing Company, West Sussex.

To find out more…60 years sticker-1
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It’s the final countdown to Surface World Live 2018

SWL2018 logo cropped

Just one week to go before this year’s Surface World Live Show 2018 on the 19th & 20th September!

Have you registered for your FREE tickets yet?

Braude stand Surface Technology 2018, Germany
Braude proudly displays our most popular products

With just one week to the start of the iconic Surface World Live Show 2018 at the NEC, Birmingham, things are hotting up here at Braude.

We are very much looking forward to meeting new customers and catching up with old customers.

Click here, or on the banner above, to register for FREE entry.

Our Sales Manager, Jatinder Singh will be on hand to show you our most popular and latest products as well as give instant quotes. Accompanying him will be our Technical Manager, Paul Fisher who will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or to discuss possible solutions to your tricky problems.

If you have specific requirements for a bespoke product, now is the ideal opportunity to book an appointment with Jatinder or Paul to discuss your current and upcoming projects. They will be available to help you every day on…

Stand F15
Hall 11
B40 1NT

Even if you don’t have a particular need right now, we would still love you to pop by and have a chat; it’s always good to catch up with existing customers and make connections with new ones too!

And of course, all products made by Braude are non-corrodable and acid proof, offering long lasting reliable service, which means good value for money.

To find out more…60 years sticker-1
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Are you in a tight pickle with your tanks?


CASE STUDY – Stainless Steel Rod Manufacturer, Sheffield

When a new pickling line was built, the design team at a leading manufacturer of stainless steel rod based in Sheffield, were faced with the problem of how to heat tanks of noxious, aggressive, corrosive liquids containing high quantities of scale and sludge, which are the by-products of the pickle process. The pickling solution was a Hydroflouric and Sulphuric acid mixture operating at 60°C, which would quickly attack conventional serpentines and plate heaters. There was the added danger of damage to any heater placed in the tank from the heavy coils of rod processed in each batch.

As specialist manufacturers of heating equipment for acids, BRAUDE were able to offer our JET STREAM External Heating System linked to a low pressure hot water supply as a solution to their requirement.

The JET STREAM installation system was so successful that there was no question which system the designers should use for the second pickle line – since then the company has continued to be a loyal customer for all of its ongoing installations.

Jetstream2 trans
Braude JET STREAM External Heat Exchange System


The main advantages of the JET STREAM system are:-

  • Fitted with BRAUDE NAUTILUS heating and cooling coils, the JET STREAM external tank heater is designed to stand next to the process tank leaving more space in your tank, which means there is no “clutter” in the tank allowing complete free and optimum use of the tank for processing.
  • The element is external to the process tank and therefore protected from damage by the heavy and awkward workloads frequently found in the steel processing industries.
  • Freestanding unit allows easy access for maintenance without having to drain or dump large process tanks of expensive chemicals giving tremendous saving on chemicals and downtime.
  • Construction is of high integrity polymers so that it does not corrode, even with the most aggressive chemical solutions.
  • Recirculation of liquid through the JET STREAM helps to ensure efficient heat transfer and assists in smoothing temperature distribution through the heated tank.
  • The heat output from a single JET STREAM is ideal for high volume batch pickling and other similar continuous production processes.

BRAUDE, who have many years of experience solving the problems associated with highly corrosive solutions, also manufacture the Polaris range of non-corrodable electric immersion heaters, Thermaster and Levelmaster controllers, and Nautilus and Electrojet heat exchangers for larger applications.

To find out more…60 years sticker-1
Call our sales team on +44 (0) 1252 876123
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Alternatively, follow Braude on LinkedIn for further updates and information about our full product range