Four wheels, a steering wheel and an engine… doesn’t make it a reliable vehicle!

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Without sensitive and carefully designed monitoring equipment even the most robust and well-built industrial machinery or processes can go catastrophically wrong…

Plating and process tanks need reliable control. The Braude Thermaster TS has been produced specifically for those applications.

Why use a Braude Thermaster TS temperature sender?

The Thermaster TS temperature sender uses tried and tested technology from Braude and is designed to provide a 4-20mA output signal to a programmable logic controller (PLC) or similar device for monitoring temperature in a process tank. Incorporating a chemically resistant PT100 sensor encased in Teflon, with a choice of a PP/PVC/PVDF guide tube makes it a completely self-contained unit that can be easily connected to your existing control system.

Themaster TS
Thermaster TS temperature sender

The Thermaster TS is perfect for sending data to a PLC which can be set programmed to monitor and control the temperature of the process tank. It can easily be linked to a multiple tank system and monitored from one central, often remote, location.

The 4-20 mA current output signal is relatively immune to ambient electrical noise and is not degraded by long distance transmission, even over a small diameter wire. Adding a temperature transmitter to a system eliminates the problem of having to provide long runs of costly wire and an extensive amount of shielding.

Can you afford NOT to use Braude Thermaster TS temperature senders in your tanks ..?

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Would you risk your car engine overheating..?

Overheated car

The Braude Thermaster OTP is a device intended to protect plant and equipment from catastrophic damage by switching Polaris heaters off should the liquid level in the tank drop too low or in the absence of liquid.

Whilst the Polaris heaters are intrinsically safe and will normally only suffer damage to themselves, the OTP (Over Temperature Protection) device serves as a further safety check within the system.  A sensor is fitted to the top of the heater connected to the OTP controller which is preset for a temperature just above the that of the liquid. In most cases, the sensor will prevent damage to the heater and in all cases will prevent more extensive damage to the plant.

We find our customers fit the OTP to the heaters in their lines for the following reasons…

  • provides security of operation
  • ensures longetivity of the heaters
  • meets safety requirements from insurance companies
  • cuts costs by minimising downtime for repairs and replacement of damaged heaters

6859 heater OTP controller_Sml-512px
Other Braude products designed for protection and ease of operation of heaters are the HPD (Hazard Protection Device) and Levelmaster both of which are designed to switch off heaters in the event of low level liquid in the tank.

…can you afford NOT to use Braude Polaris heaters ..?

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Made in Great Britain for 60 years

On 2nd April 1957, AFC Roberts piloted the British made Short SC1 on its first flight. Using five Rolls Royce RB 108 jet engines, it was the first British fixed-wing VTOL which lead to the development of the Hawker Siddeley Harrier…

1957 also saw the launch of E. Braude (London) Ltd by Erich Braude, a London-based trader in steel stocks. In 1973 Dan Welsby, a successful stainless steel tube manufacturer purchased E. Braude (London) Ltd and under his guidance, Braude moved to its current site in Sandhurst, Berkshire. The company became a distributor of chemical pumps and Teflon heat exchangers to the steel and metal finishing industries.

The company moved into manufacture and the Nautilus Teflon Heat Exchanger was introduced; a product which could withstand the demands of highly corrosive liquids used in the steel and metal finishing industries, and for which Braude became well known. In the subsequent years, more products were designed and developed including the Polaris Electric Immersion Heater and the Jet Stream external tank heating system for corrosive liquids. This earned a reputation for Braude as being thermal process equipment specialists, in particular when it comes to the heating and cooling of highly corrosive liquids.

In 2009 David Snoxhill and Carlos Avila took over Braude with the objective of expanding the range of heaters, heat exchangers, controllers and pumps to be able to meet all the needs of their customers and continued its growth, especially across the overseas, Indian and the Far Eastern markets.

Following a successful 2016, the acquisition of Braude by Heatrod Elements Ltd, a member of the Backer Group, part of the Nibe Elements division of Nibe Industries AG, further enhanced the company’s product range and assured the future of E. Braude(London) Ltd.

To this day, Braude continues to design, develop, and manufacture its products in Sandhurst, Berkshire, UK, ensuring the highest standards of British Made Quality across its product range which is used worldwide by industries such as Steel strip manufacturers, Wire & Tube, Metal Finishers & Galvanising as well as the Aerospace Industry.


Braude acquired by Heatrod Elements

Braude is pleased to announce it has been acquired by Heatrod Elements, a member of the Backer Group and part of NIBE. The Backer Group is one of the world market leaders in the design and manufacture of components and solutions for measurement, control and heating.


Says David Snoxhill, General Manager of Braude: “Joining the Backer Group is an exciting development for Braude as it will give us the influential presence and financial backup of a large group, coupled with access to many products throughout the NIBE group which will enhance the Braude range and allow it to grow further”

Simon Ellam, Managing Director of Heatrod Elements Ltd adds: “The products and expertise developed by Braude in this specialist area of application was clearly an excellent fit for NIBE and the Backer group of companies. Braude have prestige clients and the ability to not only supply products into particularly harsh environments but also the engineering expertise to help design a complete solution. We see these capabilities as a very good strategic fit with our growth in industrial market sectors”

By continually developing and expanding its range of UK manufactured acid proof equipment such as Polaris heaters, Nautilus heat exchangers, Levelmaster & Tankmaster Controllers and Chemical Transfer Pumps, Braude constantly strives to move with the changing times; becoming part of the Backer group will enable Braude to supply an even wider range of products to its UK and worldwide customer base and to meet the ever demanding needs of the metal processing and electronics industry.

E. Braude (London) Ltd will continue to run its operations and service customers from its base in Sandhurst, Berkshire, UK.

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Save the date..!

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Save the date… for the 2017 Surface World Live Show on the 22rd & 23th March 2017 where Braude will be showcasing our latest products.

We are looking forward to meeting new customers face to face, catching up with old customers and finding out all about your current and upcoming projects. Click here, or on the banner above, to register for FREE entry.

Our director, David Snoxhill and his team will be on hand to show you our most popular and latest products, answer any questions you may have, as well as give instant quotes.

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Made in Great Britain – used all over the world!

Based in our UK factory in Sandhurst, Berkshire for 60 years Braude has built a brand that stands for quality and reliability, and are well known as specialists in the supply of heating and cooling equipment for highly corrosive liquids.

WOW! It’s been a bumper month here at Braude; in just three days we received the equivalent of nearly a month’s worth of orders!

Despite the post-Brexit uncertainty, we continue to attract large orders from prestigious clients, from the UK and overseas. Clients who have come to us because they’re confident they can get the quality and reliability they demand.

Using high grade materials, Braude products are designed and made by us in the UK. Every product, from our Polaris Popular immersion heaters, Nautilus, Jet Stream and Electrojet heat exchangers to our Tankmaster Temperature & Liquid Level Controllers, undergo thorough testing before leaving our Sandhurst factory.

This has earned us a reputation for designing and producing top quality products which are flexible, durable and resilient and provide the end user with years of maintenance free operation.

Big enough to cope – small enough to care…

Braude has the manufacturing capacity to easily fulfill large orders of 100 units or more and have the quality control mechanisms coupled with our dedicated and conscientious team to ensure every product is manufactured and tested to the highest standards of UK manufacturing. Design, specification and performance of every Braude heat-exchanger, immersion heater, control or monitoring unit and pump is under constant review: New technology, manufacturing or materials are enthusiastically embraced where we can improve on an already superior product.

Whether you are a sole trader working in a small plating shop or a multi-national specialist plant-building company, as all of our products come in a very wide variety of standard sizes, shapes and power outputs, we have a product to suit every situation. However, a high percentage of our orders are for custom designed and built units.

Our products are widely used in industries such as Galvanising, Aerospace, Metal finishing as well as in the Chemical Industry and our in-house experts are able to offer help and advice that ensures new installations or modifications remain cost effective and on-budget.

As always, customer service is paramount and we aim to provide the best possible attention to each and every one of our customers.

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Our latest import from India

We are pleased to announce our new Sales Manager Jatinder Singh, has joined our company based in Sandhurst.

Initially he will concentrate on the UK market but then spread further to India and other overseas destinations. Jatinder is a qualified mechanical engineer and has excellent experience in the steel industry specialising in pickling plant, galvanising, galvalume and colour coating lines whilst also picking up experience in metal finishing technology and plant. He has lectured at university and also has excellent marketing skills.

He is very enthusiastic and pleased to be with Braude where his objective is to improve contact with existing clients and extend and widen the customer base. Braude are very pleased and excited to welcome him to the team.

Let’s chat face to face!

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Braude will be exhibiting at the Surface World Live Show on the 22rd & 23th March 2017.

Come meet us face to face, have a chat…and tell us about your current and upcoming projects. Click here, or on the banner above, to register for FREE entry.

Our director, David Snoxhill and his team will be on hand to show you our most popular and latest products, answer any questions you may have, as well as give instant quotes.

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To find out more and to see the full range of Braude products, visit our website or call our sales team on +44 (0)1252 876123.

We’re making an exhibition of ourselves in India!

We will be exhibiting at the Indian Surface Finishing 2017 show, New Dehli, India. Please come see us and have a chat. Our director, David Snoxhill and his team will be on hand to answer questions and discuss your current and upcoming projects.

Stand G23 ♦ Hall 12A
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22 – 24 February 2017

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London to Bangalore

Strengthening our export relationships is equally important to Braude as looking after our UK clientele.  David Snoxhill recently traveled to India to meet with our existing and prospective clients. The trip covered vast areas such as Haryana, Chennai, Bangalore to name but a few and included companies who are the countries leading jewelry and zip manufacturers. Other companies visited included Plating Plant Manufacturers, Water Industries, Wire Manufacturers and Metal Refining.

It is difficult to visit India and not soak up the rich and vibrant cultures that it has to offer.